Relentless: Hosea (begins 6 September)

God’s prophets at times were called to do more than speak out God’s message to His people. Sometimes, their very lives were a literal message! Hosea was asked to love and commit to a woman who would literally abuse his love time and again. This man must have known the voice of God to be able to go through with this!
As a church we have heard God calling us for the last 2 years to “….plough up the hard ground of your hearts for now is the time to seek the Lord.” (Hosea 10.12) Through this series of Hosea we pray you will hear and respond to this call. Over the next 7 weeks we will be looking at a call to:
Truth, Integrity, Repentance, Surrender, Awareness, Forgiveness or Restoration.
Whether individually or in your growth groups, if you sense God is prompting you to look more deeply at any of these areas within your own life and you would like someone to walk this journey with you, please do speak with your Growth Group Leader or contact one of the pastoral staff at your Church Site. We understand sometimes our ‘growing into maturity’ can require some difficult processing and we want to offer support for this. We also have people available who have been trained in prayer ministry that we could connect you with for a season. May you sense God’s ever present help, grace, and strength as you hear His call to seek Him then open up to experiencing His showers of righteousness poured into your life.

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