1 Peter: Live Holy, Love Others

Towards the end of 2019 we asked ourselves as a church, ‘what are are we getting ready for?’ since ‘Get Ready’ was the running theme for 2019. There was acknowledgment of a growing atmosphere of persecution in our society that called for Christians to hold the line, all the while anticipating a spiritual revival in our land. Through much reflection and prayer, ‘Ready Set Go’ was crafted as the theme for 2020. Further discernment into this drew out central themes of unity and maturity in view of forseeable leadership transitions and need for structures that reflected growing interdependence of Hope churches. Now half way into 2020, having gone through the unexpected Covid-19 lockdown and experiencing our faith community in a special way, we turn to a new preaching series from the book of 1 Peter.

The book was written to believers facing persecution for their new found faith. Peter calls his readers to a life of holy living and love for others. We aim to explore what a holy life looks like and discover fresh ways to nurture love for others. We believe that the of pursuit of unity and maturity that form the backbone of our 2020 theme will be boosted significantly as we journey through this book. May we all experience God’s grace as we follow His leading over our individual lives and communal life as Hope Presbyterian.

Series Content

Please join with us as we ask God to grow us during this series.

  • WEEK 1, JUNE 28th : Remember who you are
  • WEEK 2, JULY 5TH : Our lives look different
  • WEEK 3, JULY 12TH : Love others so that they will see Christ
  • WEEK 4, JULY 19TH : Learn to submit
  • WEEK 5, JULY 26TH : Live out your convictions – what you say, you believe
  • WEEK 6, AUGUST 2ND : Living humbly
  • WEEK 7, AUGUST 9TH : Standing firm – living faithfully
  • WEEK 8, AUGUST 16TH : Creation Care
  • WEEK 9, AUGUST 22ND : Underground Service