Our men’s ministry is led by a group that is charged with hosting various events, social gatherings, faith discussions and fun throughout the year. If you have any questions, please feel free to either email the team rollymen@hopechurch.net.nz or reach out to any of the following:

  • Pieter Brink
  • Steven Moe
  • Bruce Sowerby
  • Andy Croucher
  • Ben Fraser
  • Lionel Graves

Upcoming Events

Events for 2022 ,coming soon .Watch This Space!

Rolly Men of Faith

Calling all Hope Rolleston Men interested in being part of a Men’s Group.

In 2022 we are wanting to see Men’s Groups happening. 
Therefore we are asking anyone who is interested to join a group running for five weeks starting the first week of November 2021, looking at what we are learning in the Sermon on the Mount series and connecting that not only to our lives but to our workplaces. We will also talk about Men’s Groups for 2022.

email rollymen@hopechurch.net.nz to put your name down or contact Lionel Graves email lionelgraves1@gmail.com

Hope Rolly Men Facebook Page

As well as the monthly group which is Rolleston focused, some of us attend the monthly men’s breakfast at the Hornby site on a Saturday morning.