Happy Easter!

Placed all around Rolleston and Lincoln are over 100 rocks, beautifully decorated with biblical and Easter images. Artwork created by our Families Growth Group and children from our Sparkle Sunday School program.

Each rock is inscribed with a Bible verse on the back.

If you see one, we encourage you to look up the verse and have a read, and then re-hide the rock so that someone else may find it!

Bible verses:
Lamentations 3:58
1 Peter 5:7
John 3:17
Acts 8:30-31
Jeremiah 29:11
1 John 2:25
Psalms 23:6

If you have questions about Easter or Jesus or want to know more about a God that loves you beyond anything bad or anything good you have ever done, reach out to us. One of our team would love to chat!