Update Level 2 – 27 February, 2021

Sunday services – 28 February

We are under Level 2 restrictions and limited to 100 people at our 9am and 10:45am services. Due to the late hour of the announcement tonight, we are unable to open registration for the services, so will only allow the first 100 people in. You may livestream the 10:45am service using this link: https://streamer.co.nz/rolly28feb/

We ask that anyone feeling unwell please stay home.

  • As in our previous Level 2 experience, we encourage you to gather in groups as appropriate, whether that is to have your own “service”, prayer time or just a lunch. Let’s continue to build our community.

Update from Steve – Level 2 – 12 August

As we sit here reflecting on the events of the past week it reminds me of the scripture that Peter uses in 1 Peter 4:7 where we have this imagery of sudden, unexpected change, the kind that occurs without warning.And last night’s government announcement reminded us how quickly and unexpectedly things can change.  So, as a church we wanted to reach out and connect with you and let you know a couple of things.
1. We realise this news may bring up feelings of anxiety, pressure and stress as we think about the “what ifs” of the future. Our prayer for you all, and your families, is that you will experience God’s peace and assurance in these days ahead….as we know of the LIVING HOPE (1 Peter 1:3) that is available in Christ Jesus. Alongside that, if you need to talk or would like assistance please let us know.
2. Secondly, we wanted to outline the plan for this Sunday:
LEVEL 1 – Post Friday Night:  As it stands, with level 2 now in place until Friday night, we are intending to have our normal service at Rolleston School Hall this Sunday.  Our hope and prayer is that come Saturday morning we will all be back at level 1 and Sunday services will continue on as normal without restrictions.
LEVEL 2 – Post Friday Night:  IF however, we find come Saturday morning that we are required to stay at level 2, then the following plan will kick into action:

  1. One service at 10am at Rolleston School Hall.
  2. This will be limited to 100 – registration will be made available on Saturday morning and will come via a link to this email address. 
  3. There will be no live streaming this Sunday – however we will endeavour to record it on a camera and post it on our YouTube page after the service.
  4. Scheduled vote will be delayed.

LEVEL 3 – Post Friday Night:  If we find on Saturday morning that the nation has to go into level 3 lock down, there will be no church services on Sunday and we will fire up the Hope at Home platform again where our site pastors will lead a service from their home which will be posted Sunday morning.  Again our scheduled vote will be delayed until we can all be back in the room together.
LEVEL 4 – Post Friday Night – Same as at level 3
We are monitoring the situation closely and will keep everyone informed as appropriate. Our primary channels of communication with you over the next days – particularly this Saturday morning- will be email, Facebook, and our website.  Please keep an eye on these 3 platforms to receive the most up to date information.
If you would like to contact us with more questions, you’d be most welcome to either via phone or email on the below numbers.
Whanau, whatever happens over these next days, let us be reminded that “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.”  He is the light in the darkness and in Him we need not fear or be anxious.  Hand it over to Him, let him carry the burden.
God bless and we will communicate again on Saturday morning.