We’re all on a journey and journeys are much better when we do it together. Growth Groups are places where we want to foster a sense of belonging and friendship. We see our Growth Groups as wellsprings of life and a way in which we can sharpen each other, walk beside each other and pray for each other.

We want to see Growth Groups as places where people can be authentic, take risks and grow in their faith. We’d love you to come join us on this journey with us. If you’d like to know more about our growth groups you can pick up a list of groups from one of the church offices or contact us and we’ll send one out to you.

At Hope, we are not only a church that desires people to be connected to Christ for the first time, but we are very much in the business of seeing people grow, develop and deepen their relationship with Christ and the community around them.

We have several Growth Groups running, both in the mornings and evenings.


Monday evening: Mixed Bible Study Group

— Leaders: Elinor & Rangi George


Tuesday evening: Mixed Study Group

— Leaders: Neville & Dorothy Hunter


Wednesday morning: Present over Perfect Mums Group

— Leaders: Salena Schaeffer & Ellie Moe

Wednesday morning: Women’s Study Group

— Leader: Berenice Bryan

Wednesday evening: Young women’s study group

— Leader: Jazz van Limburg

Wednesday evening: Mixed Study Group

— Leaders: Robin & Shirley Donovan

Wednesday evening: Young Adults Growth Group

— Leaders: Kyle & Salena Schaeffer

Wednesday evening: Mixed Study Group

— Leaders: Peter & Bronwyn Beukes


Thursday morning: Wellspring Café Women’s Group (once a month)

— Leaders: Faye Leathwick & Kirsten Buckley

Thursday morning: Women’s Study Group

— Leader: Kay Lethaby

We have also started a new family group. For more details of this group, contact our office: rolleston@hopechurch.net.nz